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When Engaging with a Tranny Online

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When engaging online with transexuals

I always suggest you shop around. This blog will be filled with some of the best girls i have found and video chatted with plus reviews of them

so do keep looking around or just enter Free rooms below and read reviews.



How to Interact with a  Transexual

You would just interact the same as you would with anyone else. Just chat and be yourself and let everything else flow.

If it is your first time and you are not sure what to call them , then just stick with “babe” they like that, they want you to see them as feminine

They dress up sexy and do their make up and tease like crazy. These tgirls look after themselves and they want you to treat them like a lady.

So babe, sexy etc is always fine.

They do enjoy you asking questions about their cocks and tits, they find that kinky and it helps to get you both in the mood.


Can i view for free?

Yes you can view for free, just click the picture above and select the girl you want to chat with no strings attached.

In fact i always encourage people to check out the free chat areas first

It just ensures that she does indeed look like her pictures

It also allows you to see how well she interacts with you

After all where would be the fun in  a Tranny if they never spoke to you.

If you want to see more of them ie them naked or wanking  then you would need to buy some credits.

But i can assure you it is more than worth it.

Will they do as i ask?

Read their profiles first, most girls will write on their profiles their do’s and don’ts

If it is not listed on that then do by all means enter the live chat area and ask them

I am yet to find a girl who does not cater for what ever i request

Is their transexual couples?

Yes indeed there is Transexual couples who love to have sex as you watch so do check out that area.

If you look at the site you can run an advanced search this will indeed take you to the area  for transexual couple sex

 Latina Shemale Cam

Perhaps you want to chat to a sexy latina  and i could not blame you for that i never get fed up with viewing sexy latina shemale cam pictures

They have some of the best curves as well as some of the biggest tits i have seen online. I love the tanned toned bodies and the big juicy dicks they have to play with.

They are very much into what they are doing, and they have great imaginations so if you enjoy a bit of  live latina fun then be sure to check out  our page dedicated to these sexy dolls

You will find all sorts of different ones available to you and each of them enjoying teasing you

Sexy sweetroses Transgender

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To find an online transgender cam

I just spent some amazing time watching this shemale host called sweetroses and i have to say she was by far one of the sexiest i have ever seen you can see her profile here

I have to admit i was blown away with her beauty. Very sexy girl in fact she got my vote as one of the sexiest and friendliest girls online. She was laughing and singing away in her free chat room

and eager to please me. We even shared a few jokes. She had on a very sexy bikini that got my attention right away.

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sexy transgender webcam chat girl


This sexy girl knew exactly how to please me on live cam and wasted no time in starting the tease show but she had really already done that as she had my full attention from when i was her free chat area.

She has a nice big cock and juicy big tits for  you to see and she is very kinky and enjoys all types of fetishes. She is into almost everything and wow can she moan when she is excited.

This is without a doubt one  Tranny i would love to spend a lot of time for but not online.

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gorgeous beautiful tranny sweetroses


This is one girl who loves to be complimented  ” she blushes” then thanks you and does a little more teasing. It is not faked you can see she enjoys it

She loves attention and to know that you are enjoying yourself with her.

Tell her how pretty she is and you will have a horny chick for ever!

Do not just take my word for it

read the reviews from other guys who loved this sexy doll

3 Reviews

very hot, pretty, great bod, big tits, big cock, very accomodating
nice body and cock. Awesome!
beautiful and hot

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Free Tranny Webcam rooms

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Check out the live free ladyboy chat rooms below. These are the very best trannys and shemales all under one roof. just click a live cam and preview .
You will find many more of these gorgeous babes on this website

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My gorgeous girls with sexy shoes


The free tranny webcam rooms

We all love them, no matter what these sexy babes with dicks will do just about anything to get on board with you.

Are you ready to be sucked and fucked by REAL LADYBOYS? This is the best of the best in online transgender cams and it is about as close as you are going to get

unless of course you want to go out and meet them  for real. A lot of guys use this as a first introduction to trannies just to test the water. It is a great way to figure out if it is something you would

Like to take further. Out gorgeous gender girls come in all shapes and sizes so you really do have the pick of the crop. From slender to curvy to teen to black and Asian and the list goes on and on

I have always said if you can not head to Thailand or book an escort then get online and experiment. Chicks with dicks do without a doubt rock. The bigger the cock the more suckable  and the more enjoyable.

They will do anything you ask  of them. You can even get these babes to self suck and i can assure you that is worthy of a page of its on because it is an amazing thing to watch.

How envious are all of us ? I would love to be a self sucker. These free tranny webcam rooms are open and available round the clock so if you wake up horny you can just hop on line and check em out.

There is no doubt in my mind that these gorgeous shemale cams will have everything you could ever want or desire. No need to wait to make that trip to Brazil. Just log in and watch for yourself and see why these girls have been voted the best for any type of webcam show or sex show. It just does not get any better than this.



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Red hot tranny cam babe


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sexy shemale girl online


If you enjoy some black tranny cam girls then be sure to check out our page dedicated to sexy black tranny cam girls pictures

Full of the best and sexiest in black crossdressing women. You know they always say black is best perhaps its time to test that theory out!

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The Best Online Shemales

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Welcome to the best online shemales site full of information about the best places online to hang out and chat with other trannies who love to discuss gender issues. There is so many documentaries you can watch all about gender changes and all the taboo things that go with this. I have to admit i have always stated that gender should never be an  issue for anyone . You should be who you want to be without having to worry about what others may say or think about you.

Visit somewhere like Bankok and you will see straight away how many ladyboys walk around there. They are free to be who they want to be and each of them has a story to tell about their life as a tranny girl.

This blog will be all about the best online shemales and the best places to find them online so as you can have a live one on one chat with them.

Transgenders have and always will be who they want to be, they want to escape the male body and become a female and if you look closely  you can sometimes struggle to see that they were ever male.

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sexy tranny webcam girl

One ladyboy i got chatting to who was gorgeous she almost took my breath away. When i asked her did she see herself as a “ladyboy” She replied by saying “a lady ” yes ladyboy No.
I think i offended her by using the word boy in my sentence..

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Guys who date T-Girls – are they straight?

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A lot of guys who visit tgirls online always have this very particular question so i thought  the best way to explain it was to ask 2 gorgeous tgirls to explain it via a you tube video. So for all of you out there who have asked this question so many times and question your own sexuality.To see more about  shemales and how to chat to them then see the blog here Best site for tranny cams 

I hope they explained this for you and that you are now ready to dabble with real live online transexuals. No you ar enot gay if you visit or chat or wack off with tgirls

Sit back and relax and get ready to have a great cam session with some of the very best in online  transexual shows.

Shemale Chat Online

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             How to find shemale chat?

It is really very easy to find the best in shemale chat online and sometimes reading a good blog that lists all the information is the best way to go for this. I tend to like reading shemale chat at sex-centre

It is always full of the information i need for my live online expereince. If you are looking to chat live righ tnow to sexy tgirls online and not sure the best place to chat then do see our blogs. Or you can visit some of our girls who are always available to show off. Yes they will do just about anything and they love it.

Mention the words “getting naked” and they get a hard on right away.

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Love sex and Ladyboys

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So wel all know just how hot some of the gorgeous ladyboys from Brazil can be  and we know what they can be like as soon as we visit them over there. They hustle an di can tell you they can hustle well. Love sex and ladyboys  is what it states these gorgeous babes just love a bit of loving. If you how ever can not get to Brazil to see them in person i found a great blog all about shemale cams  it is packed with information and advice as well as some very very hot tgirls for you to chat to on live chat rooms.   I have always found visiting countries Like Brazil great fun because these babes walk the streets and love to come over and chat with you, before you know it you are away with them to a motel for a bit of no string attached sex.

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Sexy Ladyboys in bikinis

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If Men are Attracted to ladyboys are they gay?

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This is a question so many guys ask all of the time. ” Am i gay if i like ladyboys” ? You have no idea how many people ask this question on a daily basis to me. So instead of me typing it all up i though ti would add this little video to help you with that question and what my opinion on the matter is.

I hope this helps a few people as i know you guys always wonder about this type of thing.I also have to agree with this gorgeous ladyboy in everything she has to say. No you are Not gay if you are attracted to ladyboys. You will never be gay because you are attracted to feminine side not the male side. Gay men are not attracted to feminine looks, gay men are only attracted to the masculine side. This makes a lot of sense to me as well.

Men are attracted to men when they are gay. I now hope you can relax and enjoy the many beautiful women  that are available to you on live video chat rooms if this is what you are looking for.

You just have to go to some of the clubs that have transgenders and tgirls and when you look at them  you find it hard to understand if they are shemale or female? This is because we are attracted to the whole feminie side. I have to be honest and say i have looked through many female pictures in some of the cam sites and   a lot of the girls do not even look feminine in fact the transgender section section  has more trannys that look more female than the other general sections

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Finding my way around transgender Cams

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How do you find your  way around Live adult webcam chat rooms? Let’s face it there is so many to choose from you get lost in the middle of it. Which ones are real? Who can i trust? Are they really Free? All of these questions are ones that go round in some peoples heads  and they can never find the answer to them, so i though ti would make this blog dedicated to these types of scenarios for you. Answers 1.The best way to determine if a site is real and to be trusted is to have a look at the reviews for that site just google it and type in the word “review” and see what it has to say. Hop on in to some of the free rooms and ask the girls how long they have worked their and how long the site has been established. 2.Yes and no to the question of them being free. Some sites have free chat rooms where you can preview the girls for free and if you would like to see more then you would have to enter the premium area and this is where you pay. Now all sites are set out differently. Some sites you will buy a block of time and other sites you will pay by the minute but all rates are on the hosts profile.

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Gorgeous shemale waiting to chat on live cam right now

This sexy girl called IvannaWhiteX is waiting to chat to you right now on live video chat She is one hottie and she knows it. If you like what you see please do pop on over into her room and see what she has to offer you.

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What a hot babe this sexy tranny is se emore of her in her chat room

The sexy marledys is live right now and waiting to chat to you.

You can read all about me  right here

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